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Cleantech Solutions International (CLNT): $3.2MM in Two Purchase Orders

We are excited to off start the new year with strong sales momentum from our airflow-dyeing machines. We remain optimistic about the ongoing replacement trend within the textile industry and are confident about enlarging our customer base with our proven quality products and services.We anticipate a continued positive trend in this segment of our business in 2013.
Mr. Jianhua Wu, Chairman and CEO of Cleantech Solutions

Cleantech Solutions International (CLNT) operates two manufacturing affiliates – the Huayang Companies – in Wuxi China. Using precision forging technology we deliver high quality, large forged rolled rings, yaw bearings and shafts for use in large-scale windmills. Its operations feature a 4,500-ton press and a ring-rolling mill, employing our advanced axial close-die forging technology, to manufacture rolled rings measuring up to 6.3 meters in diameter and a cross section up to 700mm and shafts used in wind turbine units, measuring 1MW-3MW.

CLNT today announced that the Company has received two purchase orders for dyeing machines from its new and existing domestic customers.

The purchase orders provide for Cleantech Solutions to deliver a total of 84 dyeing machines, including 22 airflow-dyeing machines using the Company’s patented production technique, for a total purchase price of approximately $3.2 million.

Pursuant to the purchase orders, the Company has received an advance payment of approximately $1.0 million, or 30% of the purchase price, will receive an additional 60% of the purchase price upon installation, and will receive the remaining 10% within three months of installation.

Cleantech Solutions expects to deliver the units in February 2013.

The Company’s airflow-dyeing machines use flowing air rather than water, which is used in the traditional dyeing process. The Company believes that its airflow technology reduces input costs, creates fewer wrinkles and less damage to the textile, and produces a reduced level of emissions.

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