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Uranium Resources (URRE): Leads in the USEC (USU) Sector

Nuclear power has many advantages for countries that must import energy, despite recent negativite  publicity of Fukushima and other disasters over the decades. Uranium, source material for nuclear power, is competitive in costs with other forms of energy. On average it is five times less expensive than natural gas & produces less waste with a lower environmental impact than the other forms of fuel.

Energy-importing and even energy-producing nations are increasing their reliance on a nuclear power:

  • The United Arab Emirates just signed a contract with Russia to supply it with uranium for intention of decrease domestic oil use and increase oil export.
  • China has a massive nuclear industry in the works, with 40 nuclear reactors operating or under construction in the People’s Republic, with a goal to reduce or even replace coal electric sources.

Uranium Resources (URRE) leads in the USEC (USU) Sector today. URRE shares gained over 10% in the last week of trading.

Uranium Resources, Inc. explores for, develops and mines uranium. Since its incorporation in 1977, URI has produced over 8 million pounds of uranium by in-situ recovery in the state of Texas where the Company currently has ISR mining projects. URI also has 206,600 acres of uranium mineral holdings and 152.9 million pounds of in-place mineralized uranium material in New Mexico and an NRC license to produce up to 1 million pounds of uranium per year:

  • Positive long-term uranium fundamentals
  • Significant uranium holdings: over 150 million pounds
  • Texas permits in place; NRC licensed in New Mexico
  • Significant opportunity with existing New Mexico U3O8
  • Largest collection of historic New Mexico drilling logs
  • Management team with years of production experience